About Glenn

Glenn Cohen immigrated to Israel from the United States and gave up a scholarship as a college basketball player in order to enlist in the IDF during the 1982 Lebanon war. Against all odds he managed to fulfill his dream and despite a 90% attrition rate, he graduated from the prestigious Israel Airforce academy and received his wings as a pilot. After serving for 7 years as a helicopter pilot in the Lebanon war zone, Glenn was recruited to the Mossad and served for over 25 years in various positions, reaching the equivalent rank of colonel as Chief psychologist. In this capacity, he was responsible for selecting and training the elite operatives to believe that there is no such thing as mission impossible. Glenn accompanied and advised commanders from the cutting edge units of the defense establishment – Mossad, Shin Bet, “Yamam” SWAT teams, in all matters related to resilience and peak performance under extreme conditions. Based on thousands of hours of mentoring combatants and commanders from the most elite units of the defense establishment, Glenn developed the ELITE method for leadership and team building.

Since his retirement from the Mossad in 2015, Glenn shares the ELITE method, mentoring and training CEO’s and their teams from leading organizations around the world, enabling them to reach their full potential and execute like an ELITE team.

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